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Below are some links to clips of my first indie Horror Film, Closet Case.

Background Story: A Man Goes Off To War Leaving His Mentally Disturbed Wife Behind And With Child. He Never Returns. The Boy Grows Up Abused And Confined, Mostly Locked Away In The Closet (hence the title Closet Case), Like A Mistake, Brutally Forgotten. She Even Reminds The Poor Youth Of How Much She Prefers Her Pet Cat, "Favorite", Over Him...
"See this, this is my baby! Not You!This is my favorite!" And When She Beats Him She Constantly Screams "You'll Never Grow Up To Anything! And Punishing Little Brats Like You!! Pathetic Little Brats!! It's Easy!! It's Just Like Throwing Cats In A Bag!!" One Day, Karma Takes It's Toll On The Mother And She Is Horribly Raped In Front Of Him. This Sends Not Only The Poor Youth Over The Edge, But His Mother As Well. As Usual, She Throws Him In The Closet And Locks It! Until One Day, When His Mind Officially Snaps, He Emerges From The Closet To Enact His Bloody, Carnage Filled Revenge!

Premise: A psychopathic killer who murdered his mother and the family cat 19 years ago has escaped from an isolated asylum on Mother's Day and is targeting nearby college students who are getting ready to go to an "All Night Dance Party Of A Lifetime". They'll be dancing until they drop--- dead!!!

Hope you enjoy,

Cory Simmons (music composer/producer)

M. Unicourne (writer/director)


1. No Toilet Paper!!!

2. Hack Up A Lung!!!

3. You've Gotta Be Dead!!!

4. Infamous Coathanger Footage

5. Just Like Throwing Cats In A Bag!!!

6. Death By A Number 2!/They're All Dead!!!(And They All Fall Down!)

7. Down By The Creek And Deep In The Woods...

I hope to have a DVD release of the film ASAP. I also am going to attempt to have a screening of the film by bigger production companies to see if they will either release the film or commision a remake on a bigger budget.

Below is a "Behind The Scenes" Clip Of One Of The Actresses Getting Into A Fight With The New Girlfriend Of My Ex-Boyfriend On Campus! This Classic Footage Brings Back So Many Memories And, Though It Is A Little Fuzzy, You Can Still View It And Will, No Doubt Find It As Amusing As I Did! (But then again, I do have a tendency to be a little over-masochistic at times...)

Lord of the EarRings

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Bonus: "The Evil Upstairs" By M Unicourne

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